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We can present you with a range of installations at our fully-equipped workshop. We at Josie’s Silencers can provide you with a quick and reliable installation – so quick, that you can wait for any installations to be done at our workshop.

We do recommend booking before popping by at our workshop to avoid any disappointments and to ensure quality assurance.

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ECU Remapping & Tuning

Thanks to our heavy investment over the years on the latest tuning technologies, along with our experience in the industry, we hold all the tools and abilities to present you with stellar ECU tuning and remapping solutions for all types of vehicles.

Exhaust Systems

Customisation On All Types Of Cars


We at Josie’s Silencers can build a customised conventional exhaust system or a performance exhaust system for your car. We offer a selection of custom jobs such as stainless steel roll-bars, manifolds, tow bars, bullbars and other requests which you might have. 


At our workshop, you can also get a custom-built conventional exhaust system for your car. Just pop by for a visit and we will discuss your ideas further.

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